Last Updated: 2 March 2024


1. Digital Asset Ownership:

You own your minted, generated, or purchased Dogenmustard Cryptogoblins digital assets, items, objects (collectively “Dogenmustard digital assets”, “Dogenmustard”, “Cryptogoblin”). Dogenmustard digital assets are created on the Dogenmustard Platform. When you mint, generate, or purchase a Dogenmustard digital asset you own the underlying elements, trait assets, and final composition. Since Dogenmustard digital asset collections may contain multiple use of the same trait assets, all trait asset art is shared amongst all Dogenmustard digital asset owners.


2. License:

Unimelabs, the creator of Dogenmustard, grants you a worldwide, assignable, sub-licensable, transferable, royalty-free license to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, publicly perform, display, modify, or otherwise use, copy, display, and modify your owned Dogenmustard digital asset art.

For clarity, this includes the right to:
Buy, sell, trade, and transfer your digital asset
Use the art to promote your products featuring your owned Dogenmustard digital asset
Create derivative works based on your owned Dogenmustard digital asset (including by integrating the art and trait assets associated with the digital asset)
Sublicense to others to create derivative works featuring the art
Produce and sell digital media and print merchandise that includes the art
Use the Dogenmustard name, icon, and logo in connection with your Dogenmustard digital asset


3. Excluded Uses:

Duplicating and reselling your Dogenmustard digital asset as a newly created digital asset without modifications to the original art of 85% or more.
Using your Dogenmustard trait assets as elements on newly created digital assets without modifications to the original art of 85% or more.
For clarity, derivative works that feature full-body depictions, animations, and added narrative elements will be deemed to have modifications to the original art of 85% or more.


4. Definitions:

“Art” means any art, design, and drawings that may be associated with a Dogenmustard digital asset that you own.
“Own” means, with respect to a Dogenmustard digital asset, a Dogenmustard digital asset that you have purchased or otherwise rightfully acquired from a legitimate source, where proof of such purchase is recorded on the ledger, or blockchain.
“Purchased digital asset” means a Dogenmustard digital asset that you own.
“Trait asset” means the art associated with each graphic trait. This includes eyes, mouths, hats, shirts, bodies, and background images.
Unimelabs retains ownership of the Dogenmustard name and logo, including all digital assets & products, as well as rights to use, modify, and distribute all created digital assets for marketing and promotional purposes.
UnimeLabs retains ownership of and rights to distribute, copy, and modify Dogenmustard trait asset art commercially and as digital assets.

These terms are subject to change.

These terms may be modified or replaced at any time. The current version of this agreement will be posted on the Dogenmustard website with the “Last Revised” date at the top of the agreement. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting the revisions to the Dogenmustard website. You are responsible for reviewing and becoming familiar with any such modifications. You waive any right you may have to receive specific notice of such changes or modifications. Continued ownership of your Dogenmustard digital asset after any modification to this agreement constitutes your acceptance of the agreement as modified.

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