Greetings, friends, from every global band,
Venture forth to meet the strangers from a distant land.
Beyond the night sky, through the cosmic highs,
Arrives a goblin race with intriguing googly eyes!

Hear ye, hear ye, across the Earth’s span,
A tale unfolds, of a cosmic clan.
From the distant galaxies, through the nebulous maze,
Emerges a spectacle, to astound and amaze.

Welcome, welcome, kindred souls,
To the grand unveiling of digital trolls!
16,185 faces, unique and bizarre,
In the cryptic ether, they twinkle like a star.

Goblins they are, with googly-eyed gaze,
From an alien world, they set the space ablaze.
Eerie yet intriguing, their existence is profound,
In the digital realm, they’ve found their ground.

Each goblin, a narrative, each pixel, a tale,
Of interstellar journeys, through cosmic gale.
Dogenmustard Cryptogoblins, echoing in the void,
An NFT venture, fresh and unalloyed.

No two alike, each a distinctive flame,
In the ledger of blockchain, they etch their name.
So rally, dear netizens, from every nook and bend,
To this digital carnival, let your curiosity ascend.

The Cryptogoblins have landed, they’ve ignited the dark,
In the binary universe, they’ve made their mark.
From the night sky, our guests have embarked,
Their digital footprints, a luminous spark.

Welcome these entities, raise a cheer,
For the Dogenmustard Cryptogoblins are finally here!

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